We always recommend keeping your password up to date so here is the most common areas and how to reset the passwords:

To change your Client Area password:
1. Log into the Client Area (https://my.maxer.com/)
2. Navigate to Account => Change Password
3. Enter your current password and new password, and click save! 

To RESET your Client Area password (if you can't login to client area): 
1. Navigate to the Client Area password reset page (https://my.maxer.com/pwreset.php
2. Enter your email address and click submit.
3. Check your inbox for the password reset email & click on the link.
4. Enter your new password, and click save! 

To change your cPanel control panel password: 
1. Log into the cPanel (https://www.[yourdomain].com/cpanel)
2. Navigate to Preferences => Password & Security 
3. Enter the new password and confirm the password!

To RESET your cPanel control panel password (if you don't know it): 
1. Log into the Client Area (https://my.maxer.com/
2. Click on "Services"
3. Find your service in the list and click on "Settings"
4. Click on 'Change cPanel password'

To change your FTP Password:
Note - Your primary FTP user/pass is the same as your cPanel user/pass. The instructions below explain how to change the password on a sub-FTP account.
1. Log into your control panel (https://www.[yourdomain].com/cpanel)
2. Navigate to Files => FTP Accounts
3. Scroll down to the list of FTP accounts, find the account in the list and click 'Change Password'.
4. Enter the new password and confirm the password at the bottom of the details page.

If you are unable to reset your password using the guide above, please contact our support team who will reset the password for you.
Important - Password resets are sent to the active client email account only. Please ensure that this email address that was used to register an account with us is accessible.
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