Firstly, Don't panic!

Alot of the time, the account has been suspended because of overdue payment. Login to your client area and view your invoices. Pay any outstanding invoices to get your account automatically activated again. There is no need to contact us if this is the case, simply pay the overdue invoices.

IMPORTANT: It is vitally important that you make sure your main email address you used to register an account is accessible. If you no longer use this email address, you must ensure you update it to one that you do use. We cannot be held responsible if an account is suspended for lack of notification as our billing system will send out an average of 15 emails from invoice creation to due date! These are sent to the email address on the active account so ensure it's set up! This is probably the most common issue for suspended accounts.

We also recommend keeping your credit card details on file and keep auto-renewal enabled so services are automatically renewed. Our billing system will attempt to charge your credit card 5 days in advance of the renewal date and you'll receive a notification if there's any issue with the payment. This will give you some time to act if your card is no longer in use or has expired. 

Some other reasons for suspension can be an issue with Abuse on your account. This is dealt with by our Abuse & Compliance Department only and can only be contacted via our support ticket system. You are notified by the Abuse & Compliance Department if there is an issue on your account and a simple reply to this email acknowleding it and following instructions given will unsuspend the account and allow you to access it again. Our Abuse & Compliance Department cannot be contacted by phone as we require a written record of any abuse issues.

If you require any assistance, please contact our billing team.
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