• Monday, September 26, 2022

We have switched our primary payment processor to a new provider. This impacts all payments made by Visa, Mastercard and Amex cards. The switchover will improve the checkout experience and reduce declined payments. It follows two months of trials. The switchover does not impact clients paying by PayPal or bank transfer. 

We are expecting to see a temporary increase in declined card payments because the new provider will not a previous authorisation to charge your card. When you receive your next invoice (or if we email you about a declined payment), please take a minute to log in to your Spiral Hosting client account, go to Billing => My Invoices, open the unpaid invoice and make payment.
You will have the option to store your card on file so that future payments are automated.

Strong Customer Authentication in EU/UK
All banks in the EU and UK now require card holders to complete SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This is where you verify the payment using your banking app or with an SMS code. Once you have completed payment, Spiral Hosting will have authority to charge your card in future without the need for SCA every time.

This is an industry wide change which took effect September 2021 in most EU countries and March 2022 in the UK.

More Info on New Provider
Our new provider is Stripe. The decision to switch to Stripe follows two months of testing, during which Stripe was available as a payment method on our checkout pages. We are now switching it to the primary payment method.

Please note the payment method is always listed on all billing notifications and invoices generated by our billing system. The old provider is listed as "Credit Card (Opayo)" for payments in GBP/EUR currencies or "Credit Card (WPP)" for payments in USD/AUD/CAD currencies. The new provider is listed "Credit Card (Stripe)" for payments in all currencies.

If you receive a notification from our billing system advising you of a declined payment, please use the special link in the email to open the invoice and complete payment. If for any reason you are unable to complete payment, please use the live chat on our website and our team will assist you.

Thank you for reading.