Is there an active SSL certificate on your website?

Maxer Host recommend all websites use 100% HTTPS, meaning SSL security encryption on every page of your website. To help you achieve this, we sell 1 year or 2 year certificates from leading SSL providers (Sectigo/Comodo, GeoTrust, or GlobalSign) and since Feb 2017 we also provide our free AutoSSL service, which is a free certificate automatically installed on every domain name hosted with us.

To check SSL coverage, login to your cPanel control panel and navigate to the "SSL/TLS Status" page. This will list all your domain names, including addon domains and sub-domains, and they should all have protection. You can click "Run AutoSSL" and the system will re-check SSL coverage (this takes 10 minutes to run). 

You can also do a thorough check of an SSL certificate using this online tool:

Our paid certificates are issued by "Comodo", "GeoTrust" or "GlobalSign", and the free AutoSSL certificate is issued by "cPanel Inc".

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